Hi, I'm a physicist, veteran, essayist, and CEO of two different companies.

This is a narrative journal on which I set a goal, and then blog about my ups and downs as I accomplish or fail at achieving that goal.

Right now, I'm doing some relatively interesting things:
  1. Studying physics at York, while soon after studying music theory at Berklee
  2. I'm winning in the stock market by leveraging my own investment strategy (which you can read about on this blog)
  3. Building an international marketing strategy company (namely, OMIFirm.com)
  4. Building an Iron Man-inspired technology company (namely, WolvenIndustries.com)
  5. Raising a family while developing an entirely new culture from the ground up (namely, VannokenCulture.org)
My politics are center-right libertarianism. I'm all about bolstering western civilization, while supporting all the core American freedoms, such as gun rights and free speech.

My content's focus is on business, family, philosophy, politics, and topics related to my self-actualization. Writing about my continual self-actualization will include flashbacks of child abuse that have shaped me into a pretty eccentric, though high-functioning, character.

Basically, you'll want to subscribe to this blog to step inside the head of a ranting, polarizing, self-reflective, polymathic, critical thinker some may call a narcissistic lunatic, others may call a genius. There's no particular rhythm or rhyme to my posts. Nothing is scripted; the rants are mostly stream-of-consciousness, edited for clarity. 

Thus, what you can gain from reading and watching what I post will vary, depending mostly on your psychology. 

If you're interested in following me, to where shall I send the updates of my experiences, and to whom?
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